St. James Winery   0

Visited over the 28 & 29 JULY, 2020 (rate 4*). Visited on a 3rd day but they were too busy. Slightly stressed clerk told me they were busy and could not help me even though I did not ask for her help at that time (Rate 2*). Store like setting with large tasting area in center. At this time they were putting small wine samples in 5 small plastic cups on a wooded board with pretzels for palate cleansing. Three small sips (about 1.5 oz) were perfect since I wanted to taste most of their wine. I had not been to the winery since 2002 and was not familiar with their large selection of reds/whites sweet and dry wine. I was surprised with quality and dry wine selection. Their retail manager was very friendly and helpful and very proud of the wines on the my initial call and in person. Overall I bought about 10 bottles. I will be back for more, hopefully on a less busy day. Traminette, Cabernet Franc, dry Reisling & Cynthiana for the dry palette. Tables in front face parking lot but nice with wine vines, very nice courtyard they share with adjacent restaurant with a few tables inside retail space. I am an experienced taster and despite the one off service blip, it was a good tasting experience with an above average selection to great quality wines. Walk in or by appointment.

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