Wine Lover's Calendar 2015

From grape variety days to state wine months, the 2015 Wine Lover's Calendar gives you more than 30 reasons to open that bottle!

For 2016 wine holidays, please check out the 2016 Wine Lover's Calendar.

The wine holidays and months in the graphic above are also listed below (grouped by type). When possible, the holiday is linked to a site that provides additional information about the holiday. If you know of any that we missed, let us know in the comments section below. For a listing of 2015 wine festivals and events, please visit our events page.

State and Region Wine Months

Delaware Wine Month

Michigan Wine Month

Finger Lakes Wine Month
Oregon Wine Month

Idaho Wine Month
Ohio Wine Month

Washington Wine Month

California Wine Month
Illinois Wine Month
Missouri Wine Month
North Carolina Wine Month

Pennsylvania Wine Month
Texas Wine Month
Virginia Wine Month
Champagne Day (10/23/15)

Grape Variety Holidays
While most state and region "wine months" are fairly well developed, many of the "variety holidays" are little more than marketing announcements. When it comes to providing wine lovers another excuse to share a bottle, and getting listed on the 2015 Wine Lover's Calendar, that's good enough!

April 17 - World Malbec Day
April 24 - International Sauvignon Blanc Day
May 9 - World Moscato Day
May 21 - National Chardonnay Day
August 2 - International Albarino Day
September 3 - Cabernet Day
September 18 - Grenache Day
November 7 - International Merlot Day
November 12 - International Tempranillo Day
November 19 - National Zinfandel Day
December 4 - Cabernet Franc Day

General Wine Holidays

February 18 - Drink Wine Day
February 28 – Open That Bottle Night
May 16 – Granholm v. Heald Anniversary
May 24 – Judgment of Paris Anniversary
May 25 – National Wine Day
October 11-17 – Drink Local Wine Week
November 8 – Wine Tourism Day
December 5 – Repeal Day

Published: Nov. 17, 2014

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