Winery Map of the Day – Great Value Sonoma Pinot Noir

Yesterday's "Wine Map of the Day" highlighted some of Sonoma's top rated Pinot Noir producers. For those wine drinkers who cringe at paying more than $50 for a bottle of Pinot, today's Winery Map of the Day focuses on 18 Sonoma wineries that produce the highest rated Sonoma Pinot Noir with an average bottle price under $50. Sub-$50 might not fit the traditional "value" definition, but we're talking about award-winning Sonoma Pinot Noir here! Great, cheap Pinot Noir may not exist, but these Sonoma wineries prove that great, moderately priced Pinot does!

Published: May 16, 2013

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Pinot Noir Sonoma Winery Map of the Day

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