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If Kentucky winemakers have their way, future generations will be shocked to find out that wine grapes weren't always Kentucky's primary cash crop. As Kentucky farmers continue their transition away from tobacco, a return to grape production in the well-drained, limestone-based soil is only natural. Wine production in Kentucky began in the late 18th century, and the Marquis de Lafayette’s winemaker, Jean-Jacques Dufour, sent his first vintage in 1803 to Thomas Jefferson.

In recent years, Kentucky Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah and Chambourcin have gained the attention of critics and received numerous accolades and high scores. The next time you're in Kentucky, make sure to add wine tasting to your list of activities and stop by one of these leading Kentucky wineries that are making Kentucky's best wines.

Click the image below to see the map of Kentucky wineries that produce Kentucky's highest rated wines.

Published: July 1, 2013

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