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Visiting Napa is one of those things that those who appreciate wine must do at least once in their life. America has many, wonderful wine destinations, but the combination of history, natural beauty, magnificent wines, and amazing lodging and food make Napa a must-visit destination.

Not surprisingly, a trip to Napa wine country can be expensive. Travel, lodging, meals, and tasting fees can make a serious dent in a wine lover's budget. And that's not even taking into account wine purchases and future obligations brought about by new wine club memberships. Fortunately, there are Napa wineries with relatively inexpensive wines, who charged relatively low tasting fees, AND whose wines routinely receive high ratings from the major wine critics. Today's Winery Map of the Day displays some of the best wine tourist values in Napa Valley; tasting fees are $20 or less, average Cabernet Sauvignon bottle price is $50 or less and each winery's Cabernet Sauvignon has received multiple high ratings from leading wine critics. Napa wineries make some incredible wines, and they are even better when you can actually afford to taste and buy them!

Published: May 14, 2013

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