Winery Map of the Day – Sonoma Zin Masters

Sonoma County's Russian River Valley, Sonoma Valley and Alexander Valley are arguably the source of the world's best Zinfandel. For fair-weather Zinfandel lovers such as myself, who gave up on the grape as it went through its "I'm the biggest bad-ass in the room" stage, it's time to give Zinfandel a second chance. Zinfandel, with the help of some very understanding and dedicated growers and winemakers, is still big and exuberant, but it now routinely balances that exuberance with a level of restraint and complexity. Find out for yourself by visiting these seven Sonoma wineries and tasting rooms that are pouring Sonoma's best Zinfandel.

Published: May 17, 2013

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Sonoma Winery Map of the Day Zinfandel

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