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Article last updated: 11/8/2014

Nearly all Texas wine is consumed in Texas, and many Texas wineries are still at a fairly early stage of exploration to determine which varieties work best in various locations. Regardless, the quality of Texas wines is improving rapidly, and wine critics are starting to take notice. Texas' wineries such as Brennan Vineyards and Pedernales Cellars are demonstrating that Texas-grown Viognier and Tempranillo can compete with the world's best. The majority of Texas' best wineries, i.e. those recognized by wine critics and judges at international wine competitions as producing the best wines, are primarily located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and in Texas Hill Country, west of Austin.

We've aggregated wine critic and wine competition awards to identify the wineries producing Texas' best wines. Click the image below to see the complete list and start planning your next wine tasting trip!

For most wine travelers, the venue and experience are just as important as the relative quality of the wine. Fortunately, American Winery Guide correspondents have visited and reviewed more than 35 Texas wineries. The wineries listed below not only produce award-winning wine but also provide Texas-style service and beautiful views. As a result, they are undoubtedly some of the best wineries in Texas. If you're planning to visit some Texas wineries, make sure these wineries are on your short list!

Times Ten Cellars - Fort Worth

Fort Worth, TX
"At Times Ten, winery guests laugh together at Gino’s jokes, suggest their own personal favorites, and become good friends with their fellow guests if only for a few hours. With its warm colors, smooth lounge music, and friendly staff, Times Ten delivers one of the best experiences Texas wineries have to offer." ~Adria Schmedthorst
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Grape Creek Vineyards

Fredericksburg, TX
"They have a beautiful setting and make you feel very comfortable when you visit. The server for our tasting was very knowledgeable about what he was serving and took his time explaining the wines to us. It was a great place to end the day sitting on their patio with a cold bottle of their wine and winding down." ~Jim Rector
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Inwood Estates Vineyards

Dallas, TX
"We probably tried six or seven of Inwood’s wines; one Chardonnay, the rest red. I liked all of them. Let me say that again: I liked all of them. Seriously, if I was made of disposable income, I could have taken a case of each and every one of the wines home with me. They’re smooth, balanced, complex, and all with their own personality." ~Becky Parr
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Perissos Vineyard and Winery

Burnet, TX
"This ended up being our favorite winery visit of the weekend. First their location is beautiful and you're greeted with a vine lined drive back to their tasting room. The hills surrounding the winery remind me of Napa Valley." ~Jim Rector
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Crump Valley Vineyards

Sulphur Springs, TX
"...the lovely Diana came in to pour a tasting for us. She’s as sweet as can be. Also, the way she talks about the winery, she’s obviously very invested in it, and she knows the wine and the processes inside and out." ~Becky Parr
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Duchman Family Winery

Driftwood, TX
"Duchman Family Winery is tucked away off F.M. 150 in the Driftwood area, southwest of Austin, and it’s as if they picked up a little slice of Italy and set it down in the middle of the Hill Country. When you drive up, the vineyard is on the left, and on the right are two Italian villa-style buildings; one is the restaurant Trattoria Lisina, the other is the winery’s tasting room. Outside is a large picnic area with plenty of tables to sit and enjoy a bottle of wine and whatever goodies find their way into your picnic basket. Inside, you’ll find lots of stone, high ceilings, cavernous rooms and hallways, artwork, and an exceptionally nice bathroom (ladies, you know this is important!). The facility gives the impression of luxury accompanied by a certain hominess." ~Becky Parr
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Fall Creek Vineyards

Tow, TX
"Fall Creek really has everything you’d want in a winery: a great view on the drive in, personality in its tasting room and the person representing it, the opportunity to learn about their processes and facilities, some very good wines – and the welcome wagon led by two friendly felines." ~Becky Parr
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Flat Creek Estate

Marble Falls, TX
"Just going in the front doors of Flat Creek’s tasting room is something of an experience. The facility is built into the side of a hill, so you actually enter the building and walk DOWNstairs into the gift shop and tasting room. And it’s beautiful. I felt like I was walking into a high-ceilinged Tuscan villa. In fact, I took a picture of the ceiling! There’s wine-themed framed art on the walls and clever creations made entirely out of wine corks." ~Becky Parr
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Landon Winery

Greenville, TX
"Minding the bar that evening was Randall and his big smile. Far from being fazed at the sudden appearance of eight women, he grinned and joked and passed menus and demonstrated that he really knows and loves Landon wines...This guy is a pro! No one had to wait for anything, in spite of the fact that there were eight of us ordering at once, and he wore an infectious grin the entire time." ~Becky Parr
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Lost Oak Winery

Burleson, TX
"With five acres of cultivated vineyards, shady oak trees, a babbling creek, and a wooden bridge stretched across a glimmering pond, the winery is a great place to relax for the day, enjoy some barbeque, and laugh with friends." ~Adria Schmedthorst
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Pedernales Cellars

Stonewall, TX
"A nice new and clean tasting room greeted us along with a friendly staff. We went on a quick and informative tour of the location and then enjoyed the picnic lunch we packed and a glass of wine we liked on their patio." ~Jim Rector
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Spicewood Vineyards

Spicewood, TX
"It’s the kind of place where time seems to slow down, and you just don’t want to leave." ~Becky Parr
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Published: June 18, 2013

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