Gewurztraminer is a Traminer clone known for its spicy and perfumed “Gewurz” aromatics. It is a thick-skinned grape that does best in moderately cool climates such as France’s Alsace region where extended hang times can produce ripe grapes with sufficient acid levels. Gewurztraminer grown in excessively warm climates often results in high sugar and alcohol levels, little varietal character and a cloying quality due to insufficient acidity. The wines are often soft, full-bodied and intense with a heavy, oily texture. Some vintners retain a slight amount of residual sugar to maintain balance. The most common flavors/smells are lychee fruit and roses.

Similar to Riesling and Viognier, Gewurztraminer pairs very well with sweet, spicy and sour foods and can be used to produce exceptional desert wines. Gewurztraminer should be enjoyed within five or so years of bottling.

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