Atlantic City Wine Trail
by licianicosia

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Created: 3/12/2014

Day 1

Right outside of Atlantic City, in heart of New Jersey's Outer Coastal Plain Viticultural Area, there are seven wineries. The wineries are easy to drive to, and include the oldest, largest, and arguably the best wineries in the state.

At Balic, try their famed pomegranate wine and Alexander the Great, a wine made from the rare Vranac grape that was the favorite of the ancient Macedonia conqueror. Bellview is known for their port made from Tinta Cão and Touriga Nacional grapes, and is one of only two wineries in the United States to make dandelion wine.

Drive to Hammonton, the epicenter of New Jersey’s wine production, and the home of Dimatteo Vineyards, Plagido's Winery, and Tomasello Winery. At Dimatteo, try their signature Pasquale Red, which is the highly satisfying product of old-fashioned Italian winemaking crossed with indigenous American grapes. Plagido's makes the best red wine in the state - start with Plagido Red and Antonio Rosso, and cap it off with their amazing Empire after-dinner wine. There are over 40 different wines to choose from at Tomasello, and I strongly recommend their Vidal Blanc Ice Wine.

Frank Salek, the owner of Sylvan Farms, is renowned for winemaking skills, and was a pioneer in the growing of vinifera grapes in New Jersey. An appointment is needed to visit Sylvan, but this is a key stop for connoisseurs of European wines. Finish off at Renault, the oldest winery in New Jersey, having been founded in 1864. They are the only winery in the country to make a blueberry champagne, and in recent years Renault has become a full resort. Eat dinner at one of their two restaurants, and get a room for the night at their Tuscan-themed hotel.