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The northern region of Kentucky lies within the Ohio River Valley American Viticultural Area (AVA) which was once the largest wine growing region in the U.S. Not until the passage of the 1976 farm winery law did Kentucky begin to recover from the negative effects of the Civil War and prohibition. The majority of Kentucky’s wineries are located in northern Kentucky between Louisville and Lexington.

Scroll down to find Kentucky's best wineries. The "Highest Visitor Ratings" section lists Kentucky wineries that have received visitors' highest ratings for service, views, and wine quality. The "Highest Wine Critic Ratings" section lists the producers of Kentucky's best wines based on awards won at international wine competitions.

The "All Kentucky Wineries" section contains a comprehensive, and continuously updated, list of Kentucky wineries. Click "map view" to access the advanced winery search to find wineries that provide vineyard lodging, have food available to complement their wines, host vineyard weddings, or produce wines from organic grapes. We make it easy to find the best wine tour and tasting destinations in Kentucky wine country.



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Kentucky Wineries - Highest Wine Critic Ratings

1.   Grimes Mill Winery  
2.   Jean Farris Winery  
3.   Smith-Berry Vineyard & Winery  
4.   Black Barn Winery  
5.   Lovers Leap Vineyards & Winery  
6.   Misty Meadow Winery  
7.   Prodigy Vineyards and Winery  
8.   Reid's Livery Winery  
9.   Talon Winery & Vineyards  
10.   Talon Winery - Shelbyville  

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All Kentucky Wineries (68) [map view]

Atwood Hill Winery

Baker-Bird Winery

Barker's Blackberry Hill Winery

Black Barn Winery

Bluegrass Vineyard

Boucherie Vineyards & Winery

Brianza Gardens and Winery

Broad Run Vineyards

Broken Branch Winery

Brooks Hill Winery

Bruners Farm & Winery

C C C Trail Vineyard

Camp Springs Vineyard

Castle Hill Farm Winery & Vineyard

Cave Valley Winery

Cedar Creek Vineyards

Chateau du Vieux Corbeau Winery

Chrisman Mill - Lexington

Chrisman Mill Vineyards & Winery

Chuckleberry Farm & Winery

Crocker Farm Winery

Echo Valley Winery

Eddy Grove Vineyard - Medicine Man Wines

Elk Creek Vineyards

Equus Run Vineyards

Farmer & Frenchman Winery

First Vineyard

Forest Edge Winery

French Fort Vineyards

Generation Hill - Bellevue TR

Generation Hill Winery

Grimes Mill Winery

Hamon Haven Winery

Harkness Edwards Vineyards

Heritage at Kentuscany

Horseshoe Bend Vineyards

Jean Farris Winery

Lake Cumberland Winery

Little Kentucky River Winery

Lovers Leap Vineyards & Winery

Mattingly Farms Winery

McIntyre’s Winery & Berries

MillaNova Winery

Misty Meadow Winery

Noah's Ark Winery

Old 502 Winery

Prodigy Vineyards and Winery

Purple Toad Winery

Redman’s Farm Winery

Reid's Livery Winery

Rising Sons Home Farm Winery

River Valley Winery

Rock Springs Winery and Vineyard

Rose Hill Farm Winery

Serendipity Winery

Seven Wells Winery

Sinking Valley Vineyard

Smith-Berry Vineyard & Winery

Springhill Vineyard & Winery

Stonebrook Winery

Talon Winery & Vineyards

Talon Winery - Shelbyville

Up the Creek Winery

Verona Vineyards

Verona Vineyards at Rabbit Hash

White Buck Vineyards & Winery

Wight-Meyer Vineyards

Wildside Winery