Located in western Iowa and northwestern Missouri, the Loess Hills District AVA is a long, narrow north-south orientated swath of land covering 12,897 square miles along the Big Sioux and Missouri Rivers. The region is characterized by extremely deep layers of wind-deposited loess and rolling-to-steep hills. The loose soil allows vine roots to extend deep into the soil, and the hilly topography allows cold air to drain away from the vineyards, thus reducing the threat of frost.


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Loess Hills District Wineries - Highest Wine Critic Ratings

1.   Breezy Hills Vineyards  
2.   Prairie Crossing Vineyard & Winery  

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All Loess Hills District Wineries (12) [map view]

Bodega Victoriana Winery

Breezy Hills Vineyards

Broken Kettle Wine Cellars

Danish Countryside Vines & Wines

Loess Hills Vineyard and Winery

Old Town Vineyard and Winery

Prairie Crossing Vineyard & Winery

Santa Maria Vineyard & Winery

Sugar Clay Winery And Vineyards

Tucker Hill Vineyards

Vine Street Cellars

Wabash Wine Company