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Washington State, the farthest northwest of the 48 contiguous United States, has a population of nearly 7 million, nearly half of which reside in the Seattle metropolitan area. Its original residents, Native American tribes who thrived on the salmon and wildlife that inhabited the diverse landscape, live on more than 30 reservations throughout the state. The Europeans discovered this diverse region in the 1770s, and were the first to plant wine grapes in the fertile valleys and hillsides.

The title “Evergreen State” is somewhat of a fallacy, as more than half the state is relatively devoid of the firs and hemlocks that dominate the landscape west of the Cascades. Within its 71,000 square miles of geographic diversity are rainforests, deserts, mountains and plateaus in relatively close proximity, creating a multitude of agricultural opportunities and outdoor activities. The same glaciers that form the topography of the region are also responsible for the incredibly successful production of vinifera, primarily east of the Cascades, where a relatively dry climate with large areas of semiarid steppe and arid deserts create a vast rain shadow. Whereas the western side of the Olympic Peninsula receives as much as 160 inches of precipitation annually (the wettest area in the 48 conterminous states), as little as 6 inches of rain falls in the semi-arid climate east of the Cascades.

In the mid-1800s, immigrant settlers planted grapes in the upper Yakima Valley; nearly 150 years later, this area would be home to more than one-third of Washington’s vineyards (16,000+ acres) producing nearly 50 varietals. What makes this area so special? Winemakers and drinkers alike can thank the Missoula floods, a massive event created from giant ice dams that swept through the area at the end of the last ice age that deposited silt, sand, and gravel that today, rest gently below most of Eastern Washington’s vines. Adding to the soil complexity were volcanic eruptions that spewed forth vast quartz and mica deposits; prime ingredients of the sandy sediment that gives Washington wines their discernible mineral overtones.

The state’s first commercial vineyards were planted in an effort to diversify farms – in fact, many fruit farms have given way to viticultural pursuits. Among the first successful wineries putting Washington on the map in the 1970s and early 1980s were Chateau St. Michelle, Associated Vintners (now Columbia Winery), Leonetti Cellars, Kiona Vineyards, Hogue Cellars, Chinook Wines, Barnard Griffin Wines, and L'Ecole No. 41.

The popularity of wine tasting in Washington State has grown exponentially in the past two decades. The most visited areas for wine tourists are the Woodinville Wine Country and Walla Walla. While Woodinville is less than 30 minutes from downtown Seattle, Walla Walla is in a somewhat more remote area of the state (approximately four hours west of Portland), with an AVA that extends into the state of Oregon. The Lake Chelan AVA, one of the state’s newest AVAs, is also a fast-growing tasting region. Located approximately 4 hours northeast of Seattle, it boasts the beauty of the glacially-formed 1,500-foot deep Lake Chelan. Immensely popular for outdoor activities, it is also developing a reputation for scenic tasting rooms and respectable wines.

Scroll down for a comprehensive list of Washington wineries and click "map view" to access the advanced winery search. Whether you would like to visit a winery that provides beautiful vineyard lodging, has food available to complement its wines, hosts vineyard weddings, or produces wines from organic grapes, we make it easy to find the best wine tour and tasting destinations in Washington wine country.



Ancient Lakes of Columbia Valley AVA

Columbia Gorge AVA

Columbia Valley AVA

Horse Heaven Hills AVA

Lake Chelan


Naches Heights AVA

Puget Sound AVA

Rattlesnake Hills AVA

Red Mountain AVA

Snipes Mountain AVA

Spokane Valley

Wahluke Slope AVA

Walla Walla Valley AVA


Woodinville Tourist District

Woodinville Warehouse District

Yakima Valley AVA


Top Varieties



Cabernet Sauvignon




Cabernet Franc


Petit Verdot









Sauvignon Blanc


Pinot Gris/Grigio

Pinot Noir

Petite Sirah

Chenin Blanc






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All Washington Wineries (772) [map view]

14 Hands Winery

21 Cellars

2Dor Wines

37 Cellars

A Broken Chair Cellars


Adamant Cellars

Adams Bench

Adrice Wines

Agate Creek Cellars

Agate Field Vineyard

Airfield Estate - Woodinville

Airfield Estate Winery

Alder Ridge / Zefina

Alexander the Grape

Alexandria Nicole - Prosser

Alexandria Nicole - Woodinville

Alexandria Nicole Cellars


Alia Wines

Alleromb Winery

AlmaTerra Wines

Almquist Family Vintners

Alta Cellars

ALUVE Winery

aMaurice Cellars

Amavi / Pepper Bridge - Woodinville

Amavi Cellars

Ambassador Vineyard

Ambassador Wines of Washington - Woodinville

Amelia Bleu Wines

Amelia Wynn

Ancestry Cellars

Anderson Island Vineyards

Andrew Will


AniChe Cellars


AntoLin Cellars

Apex Cellars

Arbor Crest Wine Cellars

Ardor Cellars

Armstrong Family Winery

Array Cellars

Ascendente Winery

Aspenwood Cellars

Atam Winery

Auclair Winery


B. Leighton Wines

Badger Mountain Vineyard / Powers Winery

Baer Winery

Bainbridge Vineyards

Balboa Winery

Barili Cellars

Barnard Griffin Winery

Baroness Cellars

Barons V / Vine & Sun

Barrage Cellars

Barrel Springs Winery

Barrister Winery

Bartholomew Winery

Basalt Cellars

Basel Cellars - Woodinville

Basel Cellars Estate Winery

Bateaux Cellars

Beaumont Cellars

Beaumont Cellars Woodinville

Bella Terrazza

Bella Terrazza - Leavenworth

Bella Terrazza - Winery TR

Benson Vineyards Estate Winery

Beresan Winery

Bergdorf Cellars

Bergevin Lane Vineyards

Bertelsen Winery

Bethany Vineyard and Winery

Betz Family Winery

Billy Owines

Black Diamond Winery

Blooms Winery

Bonair Winery

Bontzu Cellars

Boudreaux Cellars

Boudreaux Tasting Room

Brady Cellars

Brian Carter Cellars

Bridge Press Cellars

Browne Family Vineyards

Browne Family Vineyards TR

Bunchgrass Winery

Bunnell - Upland Estates TR

Bunnell Family Cellar

Burnt Bridge Cellars

Buty Winery

C.R. Sandidge

Cadaretta / Buried Cane



Callahan Cellars