Thirty minutes northeast of Seattle, Woodinville is a wine oasis for Washington wine lovers. With over 100 wineries and tasting rooms in close proximity, wine tourists don't have to travel far to find a wide selection of wine tastings, dinners and events. Exceptional lodging and food options, such as Willows Lodge, The Herbfarm Restaurant and the Barking Frog, further Woodinville's claim as a great wine destination. The vast majority of wines poured in Woodinville, often by the winemakers themselves, are produced in Washington's top vineyards located east of the Cascades. Other Woodinville attractions include waterfront parks on the Sammamish River, the Redhook brewery and the nearby Puget Sound and Cascade Mountains.



Woodinville Tourist District

Woodinville Warehouse District


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Woodinville Wineries - Highest Wine Critic Ratings

1.   Adams Bench  
2.   Gorman Winery  
3.   Gorman Winery Tasting Room  
4.   Passing Time  
5.   Sheridan Vineyard - Woodinville  
6.   Amavi / Pepper Bridge - Woodinville  
7.   Avennia  
8.   Baer Winery  
9.   Brian Carter Cellars  
10.   Chandler Reach - Woodinville  

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All Woodinville Wineries (140) [map view]

Adams Bench

Adrice Wines

Airfield Estate - Woodinville

Alexandria Nicole - Woodinville

Alta Cellars

Amavi / Pepper Bridge - Woodinville

Ambassador Wines of Washington - Woodinville

Amelia Bleu Wines

Ancestry Cellars

Armstrong Family Winery

Aspenwood Cellars

Auclair Winery


Baer Winery

Barons V / Vine & Sun

Barrage Cellars

Basel Cellars - Woodinville

Beaumont Cellars Woodinville

Brian Carter Cellars

Bunnell - Upland Estates TR

Callahan Cellars

Castillo de Feliciano - Woodinville

Celaeno Winery

Chandler Reach - Woodinville

Chateau Rollat - Woodinville

Chateau Ste. Michelle

Chatter Creek Winery

Col Solare Bottega

Columbia Winery

Convergence Zone Cellars

Cougar Crest - Woodinville

Covey Run

Covington Cellars

Cuillin Hills Winery

Darby Winery

Darby Winery & Livewire Tasting Room

Davenport Cellars

Davenport Cellars Tasting Room

DeLille Cellars

DeLille Cellars - The Carriage House

Des Voigne Cellars and B Side Brewing

DiStefano Winery

Dougs Boats

Dusted Valley - Woodinville

Efeste Wines

Elevation Cellars

Elsom Cellars

Eye of the Needle Winery

Fidelitas - Woodinville

Finn Hill Winery

Five Star Cellars Woodinville

Flying Dreams

Forgeron Woodinville

Gard Vintners / Lawrence Cellars

Genoa Cellars

Giant Wine Company

Girly Girl Wines

Glen Fiona

Goose Ridge - Woodinville

Gordon Brothers Woodinville

Gorman Winery

Gorman Winery Tasting Room

Guardian Cellars

Guardian Cellars - Newsprint

Hestia Cellars

Hollywood Hill Vineyards

Icon Cellars Tasting Room

Isenhower Cellars - Woodinville

J & A's Winery

J. Bookwalter - Woodinville

Januik - Novelty Hill

Januik Winery

Jester Cellars

JM Cellars

Kaella Winery

Kasia Winery

Keira Cellars

Kestrel Vintners - Woodinville

Kevin White Winery

Lachini - Woodinville

Lauren Ashton Cellars

Long Shadows - The Library

Love That Red Winery

Manu Propria

Mark Ryan Winery

Market Vineyards - Woodinville

Martedi Winery

Matteo Wines

Matthews & TENOR - Warehouse District

Matthews Winery - TENOR Wines

Mouton Noir

Northwest Totem Cellars

Novelty Hill Winery

Obelisco - Apple Farm Village

Obelisco Estate

ORCA Wines

Orr Wines

Otis Kenyon - Woodinville

Page Cellars

Passing Time