While the Civil War was raging on the East Coast of the United States, settlers were quietly planting the first grapes in the upper Yakima Valley. Washington wouldn't become a state for another twenty years, and certainly, settlers could never have imagined that 150 years later, the fertile Yakima Valley would be home to one-third of Washington’s vineyards (16,000 acres) producing nearly fifty varietals of some of Washington’s finest grapes.

The roots of Washington’s wine industry began around 1915, when Tacoma attorney William B. Bridgeman planted some of the first vineyards in the area and helped draft irrigation laws for wine growing. Dr. Walter Clore's viticultural work in the Prosser area helped develop many new strains of Vinifera grape, proving that the valley’s volcanic ash-laden soil and long, warm summer days could produce some of the finest grapes in the U.S. The Wine and Culinary Center being built in Prosser serves as a testament to his life’s work and the honorary title, “Father of Washington Wine.”

Dr. Clore and William Bridgeman’s work led to the Yakima Valley being named the first American Viticultural Area (AVA) in the state in 1983. The first Yakima Valley wineries to appear on the scene were Hogue Cellars and Covey Run, followed by Chinook Wine, all still active and celebrating their 30 year anniversaries.

The majority of the Yakima Valley's wineries are smaller facilities located along a 75-mile stretch of Highway 82. This rural countryside extends from Yakima to Prosser, with vineyards extending down to the waters of the Yakima River. The highly acclaimed Red Mountain AVA lies within the eastern edge of the Yakima Valley, and scenic vistas and picnic areas are plentiful.

Visitors heading to the AVA from the West can stop by the Tuscan-inspired Yakima Valley Visitor Information Center in Yakima to learn more about the region's viticultural history. ~Denise Gangnes



Rattlesnake Hills AVA

Snipes Mountain AVA


Top Varieties



Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Franc







Petite Sirah





Sauvignon Blanc




Petit Verdot

Pinot Gris/Grigio

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Yakima Valley Wineries - Highest Visitor Ratings

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Yakima Valley Wineries - Highest Wine Critic Ratings

1.   Den Hoed Wines  
2.   Sheridan Vineyard  
3.   Upchurch Vineyard  
4.   Chandler Reach Vineyards & Winery  
5.   Co Dinn Cellars  
6.   Col Solare  
7.   Cote Bonneville  
8.   Cote Bonneville - Sunnyside  
9.   Cultura Wine  
10.   Daven Lore Winery  

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All Yakima Valley Wineries (90) [map view]

14 Hands Winery

2Dor Wines

Agate Field Vineyard

Airfield Estate Winery

Alexandria Nicole - Prosser

Ambassador Vineyard


Apex Cellars

Barrel Springs Winery

Bonair Winery

Bunnell Family Cellar

Canon de Sol Winery

Canyon's Edge Winery

Chandler Reach Vineyards & Winery

Chinook Wines

Claar Cellars Tasting Room

Co Dinn Cellars

Col Solare

Cooper Wine Company

Cote Bonneville

Cote Bonneville - Sunnyside

County Line Tasting Room

Cowan Vineyards

Coyote Canyon Winery

Cultura Wine

Daven Lore Winery

Den Hoed Wines

Desert Wind Vineyards & Winery

Dineen Vineyards

Double Canyon Vineyards


Forsythe Brio

Frichette Winery

Gamache - Vintners Village

Gamache Vintners

Goose Ridge Estate Vineyards & Winery

Heaven's Cave Cellars Tasting Room

Hedges Family Estate

Hightower Cellars

Hinzerling Winery

Hogue Cellars

Hoover & Roofus Winery

Horizon's Edge Winery

Hyatt Vineyards Winery - Roza Ridge

J Bell Cellars

Kestrel Vintners

Kiona Vineyards Winery

Knight Hill Winery

Lone Birch Winery

Maison de Padgett Winery


Martinez & Martinez Winery

Masset Winery

Mercer Estates

Milbrandt Vineyards / Wahluke Wine Co.

Monte Scarlatto Estate Winery

Owen Roe - Washington

Paradisos del Sol Winery

Parejas Cellars

Pontin del Roza

Portrait Cellars - E & E Shaw Vineyards

Portteus Vineyards & Winery

Prosser Vineyard & Winery

Purple Star Wines

Ramseyer Vineyards

Schlagel Santo

Severino Cellars

Sheridan Vineyard

Silver Lake Winery

Sleeping Dog Wines

Snoqualmie Vineyards

Steppe Cellars


Tapteil Vineyard Winery

Tasawik Vineyards

Terra Blanca Winery and Estate Vineyard

Thurston Wolfe Winery

Treveri - Wapato

Tucannon Cellars

Tucker Cellars

Two Mountain Winery

Upchurch Vineyard

VanArnam Vineyards

VineHeart Winery

Wautoma Springs

Whisper Ridge Winery

Willow Crest Winery

Windy Point Vineyards

Wit Cellars

Yakima Valley Vintners