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Tara Torres

Longshadow Ranch Vineyard & Winery (7/27/2012)

Steeped in tradition with six generations of wine making, Longshadow Ranch provides an old west experience and a wide variety of wines to sample. The ... Read full review

Miramonte Winery (5/17/2012)

As the popularity of limo wine tasting shows no sign of slowing down in Temecula, some wineries have begun to adapt their wineries to this ... Read full review

Hart Family Winery (5/17/2012)

With over three decades of winemaking experience, this family-owned vineyard is nestled at the entrance to wine country in Temecula. The small Hart vineyard slopes ... Read full review

Baily Vineyard & Winery (5/17/2012)

With the abundance and growing popularity of wine tasting in Temecula, each winery is searching for a way to stand out. Baily’s has opted for ... Read full review

Europa Village (5/17/2012)

One of the newer wineries in Temecula brings old world European charm to southern California wine country. Spanish, Italian, and French influences flow throughout the ... Read full review