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Jim Finley

Cave Ridge Vineyard & Winery (8/01/2015)

Cave Ridge Vineyard, opened in 2005 by Randy and Karen Phillips, is located in the northern section of Virginia's Shenandoah Valley near the small town ... Read full review

New Kent Winery (7/19/2014)

Justified or not, I've always been a little weary of country club-style, gated communities, and when I exited I64 onto Emmaus Church Rd, the large ... Read full review

Black Ankle Vineyards (7/12/2014)

Few, if any, Maryland wineries have received as much acclaim as Black Ankle Vineyards. The winery, which opened in 2008, has won Best in Show ... Read full review

Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard (7/12/2014)

For wine lovers with pets and/or children, Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyards is a wonderful, weekend wine tasting destination. The outside tastings with numerous picnic tables and ... Read full review

Elk Run Vineyards (7/12/2014)

Elk Run Vineyards is located among a small cluster of Maryland wineries approximately 50 miles north of Washington, DC and 40 miles northwest of Baltimore, ... Read full review

Williamsburg Winery (7/12/2014)

As you travel towards Williamsburg Winery, you're reminded why the Williamsburg area is such a popular tourist destination. In addition to Colonial Williamsburg, the area ... Read full review

Serpent Ridge Vineyard (7/12/2014)

Located 45 minutes northwest of Baltimore, Maryland, Serpent Ridge Vineyards is a small, 2.5 acre vineyard originally planted by Greg and Karen Lambrecht in 2002. ... Read full review

Great Frogs (5/31/2014)

Located three miles south of Annapolis, Maryland, Great Frogs provides a wonderful opportunity for Annapolis residents and tourists to experience Maryland wine country. It is ... Read full review