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James Houston

Dutch Henry Winery (5/31/2013)

Five seconds after I missed the turn for my intended destination of Rombauer Vineyards, I realized I didn’t really want to go there anyway. So ... Read full review

Hall Winery - St. Helena (4/19/2013)

In 2007, I snagged a bottle of Hall Cabernet Sauvignon from an east coast store shelf for less than $25. I can’t remember the vintage ... Read full review

Duckhorn Vineyards (1/26/2013)

In late 2007 I got a job at a fancy wine retailer in New York City. New hire training included tasting Corton-Charlemagne, Chateau Gruaud-Larose, Domaine ... Read full review

Merryvale (1/14/2013)

"If you make a bad Cabernet in Napa, you’re in the wrong line of work," says Ed Roudebush, the wise man taking the lunchtime shift ... Read full review

Trefethen Vineyards (11/13/2012)

Although Trefethen Family Vineyards is close enough to Route 29 that it could have one of those in-your-face billboards and slam-the-brakes sudden driveways, it opts ... Read full review

Robert Mondavi Winery (9/23/2012)

With a late lunch winding down at Oakville Grocery, a companion suggests visiting Robert Mondavi before heading back to San Francisco. I flinch. It’s a ... Read full review

Fabbioli Cellars (7/14/2012)

“I never planned on building a tasting room,” says Doug Fabbioli. The gregarious owner of Fabbioli Cellars is reminiscing about the origins of his Loudoun ... Read full review

Dove Valley Vineyard & Winery (7/13/2012)

If you commute on I-95 in Maryland, I bet the words “Dove Valley Winery” are rattling around in your head somewhere. That’s because two extremely ... Read full review

First Colony Winery (7/13/2012)

There are little places at the end of the road, and then there is First Colony Winery. Just southwest of where County Road 627 is ... Read full review

Loudoun Valley Vineyards (7/13/2012)

Lately, my thirtieth birthday has been making all kinds of threats about actually happening soon. So getting carded, which used to be a nerve-wracking experience ... Read full review

Sunset Hills (7/13/2012)

A connection to the past is palpable as you enter the cavernous tasting room of Sunset Hills Vineyard. During the Civil War, many barns in ... Read full review

Trump Winery (7/13/2012)

Google “Kluge Estate”. What’s the first result? Until 2011, Kluge Estate was the standard-bearer for Virginia viticulture, known for exquisite sparkling wines that caught critics’ ... Read full review

City Winery - New York (7/12/2012)

The traffic on New York City’s Vandam Street at 5 P.M. is straight out of a Los Angelino’s worst nightmare. Trucks hauling soiled linen to ... Read full review

Hillsborough Vineyards (7/06/2012)

Hillsborough Vineyards is easy to miss. Not because of a back-road location or any lack of repute, but because the entrance jumps out at you ... Read full review

Jefferson Vineyards (7/06/2012)

While talking to Andy Reagan, Winemaker and General Manager of Jefferson Vineyards, you sense in him an urgency to make wines that are better, stronger ... Read full review

Blenheim Vineyards (7/05/2012)

Not much sun makes it through the lush, towering trees that line Blenheim Farm Road, ten miles south of Charlottesville. But this changes as you ... Read full review