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Larschelby Kidd

Vines to Cellar (11/12/2014)

I first met Jim and CJ Wirsching-Neuser when I was in the retail wine business and they were customers. Over time, we became friends and ... Read full review

Armstrong Orchard & Winery (6/29/2014)

I've visited many apple orchards during my residence in Wisconsin, but only a few are wineries, and even fewer produce wine from apples, other fruits, ... Read full review

Parallel 44 Vineyard & Winery (6/28/2014)

Typically, when people think of vineyards or grape growing, Wisconsin isn't on their radar. Be prepared to be amazed. Located in the middle of a ... Read full review

Cedar Creek Winery (WI) (6/17/2014)

Although Cedar Creek Winery is owned by one of the oldest wineries in Wisconsin, Wollersheim Winery, it has a history of its own. Before Wollersheim ... Read full review

Chiselled Grape Winery (6/17/2014)

When Chiselled Grape Winery opened in 2011, their location was in a historic school house with one acre of vines planted on the property. That ... Read full review

Blind Horse Winery (4/24/2014)

It's always grand to be a part of something new. The Blind Horse Winery opened its doors to plenty of fanfare. The winery is located ... Read full review