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Kat Collins

Folino Estate Vineyard and Winery (11/03/2016)

The first thing you notice when driving to Folino Estate Vineyard & Winery is that it’s big, and that’s a good thing. While there are ... Read full review

Weathered Vineyards (11/01/2016)

When Weathered Vineyards first opened in 2014, I paid them a visit to welcome them to the area and taste a few of their first ... Read full review

Hackett Winery (10/10/2016)

Quality over quantity is Robert Hackett’s philosophy. It all started with a wine appreciation course Hackett took in college, which initially was about finding an ... Read full review

The Vineyard at Grandview (8/26/2016)

After taking a scenic drive through the peace and serenity of Lancaster County's rolling farmland, occasionally passing horse-drawn Amish carriages, we arrived at The Vineyard ... Read full review

The Dog and Oyster Vineyard (7/06/2016)

Arriving at The Dog and Oyster Vineyard, you can feel the quintessential Southern ambiance. Large swaths of vibrant, green vineyards line the meandering, dirt road. ... Read full review

Athena Vineyard & Winery (7/06/2016)

In Greek mythology, born full-grown out of the head of her father Zeus and subsequently his favorite daughter, Pallas Athena, or simply Pallas, is known ... Read full review

Laurita Vineyards & Winery (6/05/2016)

For those who know anything about New Egypt, New Jersey, and most of you probably don’t, vineyards and wineries aren’t the first things that come ... Read full review

Ridgewood Winery (5/06/2016)

When the Lewis family, and later the Dick family, built Ridgewood Farm, in 1725 and 1811, I’m sure they didn’t plan on having it listed ... Read full review

Black Walnut - Phoenixville (4/30/2016)

Sometimes you happen to find a good thing, and Black Walnut Winery is one of those things. The desire and drive to produce high quality, ... Read full review

Vynecrest Vineyards & Winery (3/06/2016)

Vynecrest Winery is located seven miles west of Allentown, Pennsylvania in the picturesque, rolling hills of Breinigsville. It’s an unusual path to get to the ... Read full review

Galen Glen Vineyard And Winery (1/16/2016)

Your first thought is, “Where are we? Is there really a winery out here?” Driving winding back roads through Andreas, Pennsylvania, I admired the beautiful, ... Read full review