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Julie Dorris

Bernardo Winery (7/31/2012)

Imagine a small village complete with galleries, shops, cafés, and even a salon that revolve around a winery; a place where families congregate, pets are ... Read full review

Old Creek Ranch Winery (7/16/2012)

When you’re heading to or from downtown Ojai on highway 33, there’s an irresistible little departure down a country road that leads to Old Creek ... Read full review

Arroyo Robles Winery (7/05/2012)

It was July 4th, and I’d already visited some wineries in Paso Robles that were in full swing. Now it was time for Arroyo Robles. ... Read full review

Hunt Cellars (7/05/2012)

As I headed west on Highway 46 in Paso Robles, passing one winery after another, I never considered stopping at Hunt Cellars. In fact, after ... Read full review

Robert Hall Winery (7/04/2012)

Paso Robles. The name conjures images of rolling hills with rows of grapevines and fields of lavender, as well as a smoky, earthy, flavors created ... Read full review

EOS Estate Winery (7/04/2012)

Some readers may take this as a warning, while it may pique the interest of others, but I want to start by saying that EOS ... Read full review

Ojai Vineyard (6/16/2012)

In the idyllic, sage-scented town of Ojai, CA, there is some serious winemaking going on, and wines bearing the Ojai Vineyard label embody all the ... Read full review

Antelope Valley Winery (5/26/2012)

Outside of the obvious viticultural regions of California, the state is sprinkled with little wineries in unassuming places. Such is the case with the Antelope ... Read full review

Agua Dulce Vineyards (5/12/2012)

When you visit Napa or Sonoma Counties, you can count on tasting some excellent wines. In Los Angeles County you take a greater risk. But ... Read full review

Malibu Family Wines (5/10/2012)

There’s nothing more freeing than heading up Highway 101 to escape the intensity of Los Angeles. As soon as I exited at Kanan Road, leaving ... Read full review