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Rob Boss

Solena and Grand Cru Estates Tasting Room (2/23/2017)

(Photos by Jai Soots)Just entering Soléna Estate’s sumptuous tasting room is to be reminded of the old saying, “Wine is made in the vineyard.” The ... Read full review

Gran Moraine Winery (11/12/2016)

(Photos by Jai Soots)Just outside Yamhill, Oregon, lies the Laughlin Loop, a particularly glorious collection of excellent wineries, any of which would be worth a ... Read full review

WillaKenzie Estate (9/10/2016)

(Photos by Jai Soots)In the heart of the Yamhill-Carlton district, Willakenzie Estate sits in the middle of the increasingly noteworthy Loughlin Loop. Covering over 400 ... Read full review

Jan-Marc Wine Cellars (8/02/2016)

Although Oregon Pinot Noirs tend to be a bit more expensive than Pinot Noirs from other U.S. wine regions, great deals abound in and around ... Read full review

Seven Bridges (7/10/2016)

The great thing about Oregon in general and Portland in particular is the number of wineries producing really great Pinot Noir. It’s what we do ... Read full review

Teutonic Wine Company (5/25/2016)

(Photos by Jai Soots) Although Burgundy might hail as the holy grail of Pinot Noir, there are other places in the Old World that have ... Read full review

Scott Paul Wines (11/29/2015)

(Photos by Jai Soots) Scott Paul Winery’s operation lies just off Main Street in Carlton, Oregon, spread out over two historic buildings across the street ... Read full review

Marshall Davis Wines (11/29/2015)

(Photos by Jai Soots) When in the thick of a wine tasting trip, there comes a time for… lunch. Arguably the best place for that ... Read full review

Twelve Wine (11/29/2015)

(Photos by Jai Soots) According to the tasting room attendant, Twelve’s name comes from the scene in This is Spinal Tap, where Nigel Tufnel explains ... Read full review

Noble Pig Vineyards (11/29/2015)

(Photos by Jai Soots) Noble Pig resides in a comfortable, unpretentious but elegant, dark wood room on Main Street, Carlton, Oregon, surrounded by another dozen ... Read full review

Stone Griffon Vineyard (11/29/2015)

(Photos by Jai Soots) In what might be the smallest tasting room I’ve seen, Stone Griffon Vineyard greets guests in a hole in the wall ... Read full review

Seven of Hearts Tasting Room (11/29/2015)

(Photos by Jai Soots) Seven of Hearts sits in the middle of Main Street, Carlton, Oregon, among 18 other tasting rooms. Carlton is great for ... Read full review

Kramer Vineyards - Carlton (11/29/2015)

(Photos by Jai Soots) Kramer Vineyard’s tiny tasting room lies just off the main drag in downtown Carlton, Oregon, a couple doors down from Troon. ... Read full review

Barking Frog Winery (11/29/2015)

(Photos by Jai Soots) Barking Frog Winery’s tasting room on Main Street in Carlton, Oregon is easy to find and draws attention from its name. ... Read full review

Coopers Hall Winery and Taproom (8/06/2015)

(Photos by Jai Soots) Coopers Hall is located "just across the river," a few blocks from the Burnside Bridge, scant minutes from downtown Portland on ... Read full review

Urban Crush (8/06/2015)

(Photos by Jai Soots) Urban Crush is a remarkably tiny winery tucked away in Southeast Portland. The tasting room isn’t exactly cramped, but a half ... Read full review

Hip Chicks Do Wine (8/05/2015)

(Photos by Jai Soots) For over thirty years now, tourists and locals have descended on the annual Portland’s Waterfront Park for the annual Bite of ... Read full review

Southeast Wine Collective (8/05/2015)

(Photos by Jai Soots) The entrance to the Southeast Wine Collective tasting bar is next to the big garage door for the winery proper, and ... Read full review

Boedecker Cellars (8/02/2015)

(Photos by Jai Soots) We’d actually put off reviewing Boedecker Cellars’ urban winery for a while because they were remodeling the tasting room—not because we ... Read full review

Bergstrom Winery (6/25/2015)

(Photos by Jai Soots) A quick glance around Bergström’s tasting room is, well, deceptive. The abundant greenery outside yields to dark wood and earth tones ... Read full review