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Shona Carr

Stone Crest Vineyard (4/14/2012)

Driving on the narrow road toward Stone Crest Vineyard on a rainy Ohio Saturday, we were thoroughly enjoy the countryside when I noticed a beautiful ... Read full review

Marietta Wine Cellars (3/17/2012)

The drive to Marietta Wine Cellars was scenic and relaxing; the road follows the river all the way into historic downtown area of Marietta, Ohio. ... Read full review

Merry Family Winery (3/17/2012)

Merry Family Winery is conveniently located only a couple of minutes off Interstate 35 in Bidwell, Ohio. As I was getting close to the winery ... Read full review

Breitenbach Winery (3/03/2012)

“Oh my”, is what came out of my mouth as I walked through the doors at Breitenbach Winery. I had never been to a winery ... Read full review

School House Winery (3/03/2012)

I almost didn’t make it to the School House Winery, as my GPS wanted me to stop at a church on a hill and not ... Read full review

Raven's Glenn Winery (3/03/2012)

It is not hard to understand why Raven’s Glenn Winery promotes itself as “Ohio’s Crown Jewel of Wineries”. The grapevine-lined driveway leads directly to the ... Read full review

Swiss Heritage Winery (3/03/2012)

I walked out of the Swiss Heritage Winery laughing, not only because they packaged the wine I purchased in a shiny foil wine bag with ... Read full review

Camelot Cellars (3/02/2012)

It was late in the afternoon on a Friday, and I considered myself lucky to find a parking spot on the street only a couple ... Read full review

Wyandotte Wine Cellars (3/02/2012)

As I was driving to Wyandotte Winery, I entered a neighborhood subdivision and wondered if I was in the wrong area, perhaps due to entering ... Read full review

Hidden Lakes Winery (3/02/2012)

Around lunchtime on Friday, I was running into Hidden lakes Winery, one of Ohio's urban wineries, to get out of the pouring rain and was ... Read full review