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Region: Ohio

Reviewed: March 3, 2012 by Shona Carr
Published: March 24, 2012

“Oh my”, is what came out of my mouth as I walked through the doors at Breitenbach Winery. I had never been to a winery that was so busy and crowded in my life, but I should have expected it, as it was a Saturday afternoon in the heart of Ohio’s Amish country.

The Place:  You cannot miss the large purple facility with unique European architecture as you are driving down Old Route 39. If the tour buses do not grab your attention, the enormous stainless steel wine tanks placed outside the production facility certainly will.

As you enter the doors at Breitenbach you are instantly greeted with the appealing country meats and cheeses offered in the winery’s gift shop area. If you can make it past the temptations offered in the gift shop, you will find a rather small tasting bar, located in a room attached to the gift shop, that fits approximately four people at a time. After tasting several of Breitenbach's wines, purchase a bottle to enjoy on the glass-enclosed deck. If it's nice outside, step out and enjoy your wine at one of Breitenbach's picnic areas.

The Experience:  After making my way through the crowded tasting area, I enjoyed tasting eight of Breitenbach’s wines and then purchased a bottle of their Sweeter Riesling along with a meat and cheese plate to enjoy on the enclosed deck. As I was sipping on my wine and enjoying the delicious meats and cheeses, I looked around and saw many couples playing cards and chatting amongst each other in the crowded room. Individuals were cheery as they were sharing their wines and enjoying each other’s stories about their weekend away in Ohio’s Amish country and discussing their experiences at several local bed and breakfast establishments.

The People:  Owner and winemaker Dalton Bixler opened Breitenbach Winery in 1980. When Bixler opened Breitenbach, he was producing approximately 1,500 gallons of wine. More than thirty years later; the winery is producing over 100,000 gallons using 39 different varieties. Bixler uses grapes and fruits produced from local farms to produce many of his wines.

The Wines:  Taste and enjoy Breitenbach’s wines for only 25¢ each or enjoy a whole bottle from their endless list of choices, including: Café Rose $11.63, First Crush $9.75, Old Dusty Miller $11.63, Sangio Rosso $9.75, Apricot $11.27, Black Raspberry $13.15, Blackberry $13.15, Blueberry $13.15, Cherry $11.27, Cranberry $13.15, Dandelion $9.75, Elderberry $13.15, Honey Frosted Apricot $18.86, Peach $11.27, Plum $11.27, Red Raspberry $13.15, Rhubarb $11.27, Spiced Apple $11.27, Strawberry $13.15, Three Berry Blend $22.53, 4-Barrel Tawny Port $38.16, Cabernet Sauvignon $15.96, Festival $15.96, Merlot $15.96, Roadhouse Red $9.75, Sangiovese $15.96, Shiraz $15.96, Café Viognier $11.63, Chardonnay $11.63, Charming Nancy $9.75, Cooking Wine “Kochwein” $7.75, Drier Riesling $11.63, Drier
Gewurztraminer $11.63, Frost Fire $9.75, Gewurztraminer $11.63, Silver
Seyval $9.75, Solara Cream Sherry $18.68, Sweeter Riesling $11.63 and Vidal Blanc Ice Wine $37.38.

Extras:  Award-winning wines are not the only thing you will find at Breitenbach Winery; you will also find cheeses, country meats, Amish products and specialty food items. If you are visiting between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m., Breitenbach has their own café that is open or you can enjoy Fred’s Famous Barbeque that is served every Saturday during the months of May through October. On Friday afternoons, the winery offers guided tours that will take you through the entire winemaking facility.

Address & Contact Information: 5934 Old Rte. 39 NW Dover, Ohio 44622. Telephone: 330-343-3603, email:, website: Tasting Hours: Mon-Sat 9:00-6:00.

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