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Deer Springs Winery Review

Region: Nebraska

Reviewed: May 3, 2014 by Mark and Sonja
Published: May 21, 2014

Winemaker Jennifer Reeder takes a lot of pride in her work, producing the award-winning wines of her family-owned, historic Nebraska vineyard. After driving several miles of country roads east of Lincoln, visitors pull into a farmstead-like facility that may very well evoke nostalgia for many on the Great Plains. A well-manicured lawn rests below the canopy of mighty old trees, and in front of the farmhouse that has been converted to a tasting room, children and families play games like bocce and croquet, or listen to live music on the lawns.

Inside, the tasting room is attractive, entirely redone to give the ancient house a modern feel. To the side of the bar, an old and official-looking document signed by President Ulysses S. Grant deeds the homestead to Patrick O’Halloran, patriarch to the Partington family, the members of which all still own and operate the winery today. Upon entering, we received a friendly welcome. Jack Johnson serenaded us as we began our tasting, and we knew right away that this relaxed country winery was our sort of place.

Deer Springs wines have a definite presence in grocery stores and wine shops throughout Nebraska with good reason. Although the selection is not as vast as at some other Nebraska wineries, their focus has allowed them to develop several exceptional wines. The red selection includes local Midwest varietals such as St. Croix, Marquette, and Frontenac, in addition to several red blends and a sweet blush wine labeled “Wild Colleen.” The blended “Prairie Sunset” was one of the first truly exciting wines we had tasted in a while. Spicy, with medium body and a fair amount of tannins, plenty of fruit and pepper flavors make it a complex and special offering, not unlike a Zinfandel, but with a distinct Nebraska feel.

The assembly of white wines are all on the sweet side, indicative of the Midwestern palate that favors sweet wines over dry. The most interesting was the Traminette, which has a spice to it that compliments the sweetness, and is light and crisp with lots of fruit flavors. A Lacrosse, Vignoles, Brianna, and “Firefly White” blend complete the canon of sweet whites offered.

Something we truly appreciate about Deer Springs is their busy summer schedule. Almost any summer weekend (and sometimes weeknights as well) you can find live music, cookouts, and other great events upon the lawn. Most of these are fund-raisers for local organizations and charities. It is a lively place, where the staff and patrons alike can relax under the shade trees and unwind after a long week. In this way, Deer Springs gives more back to the community than just delicious wines.

Deer Springs Winery offers the right combination of good service, tasty Nebraska wines, traditional farmhouse ambiance, and easy-going atmosphere to make your outing an enjoyable and memorable experience. If you’re one for fancy venues, this may not be your stop. But if you’re up for a genuine Nebraska winery experience at a traditional Nebraska farmhouse, then your trip to Lincoln, Nebraska, would be well complimented by an evening outing at Deer Springs Winery.

Address & Contact Information: 16255 Adams Lincoln, Nebraska 68527. Telephone: 402-327-8738, email:, website: Tasting Hours: Thurs-Sat 2:00-8:00, Sun 2:00-6:00.

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