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Regions: Paso Robles AVA, Paso Robles Estrella District AVA, California

Reviewed: July 4, 2012 by Julie Dorris
Published: August 16, 2012

Some readers may take this as a warning, while it may pique the interest of others, but I want to start by saying that EOS is one of the more commercial wineries in Paso Robles. Owned by the Foley Family Wines, a company that owns about 30 labels, EOS wines can be found in several large, mainstream stores. The vineyard was originally owned by the Arciero family, who came to America from Italy in the late 1930s with big dreams. Upon arrival, they found work as laborers, but after owning a successful business for many years, they opened their own winery in 1985. It’s a story of hard work and determination that lends some character to otherwise lackluster wines. If you are in search of wines that you absolutely can’t find anywhere else, this is one place to skip.

The Place:  EOS is located on the east end of Paso Robles, just off highway 46 in a gorgeous building overlooking a well-manicured garden. To ensure that you are not as confused as I was, EOS is located in the former home of Firestone Vineyards. The tasting room is the perfect size for seating a few or many guests, and the servers are friendly and eager to impart their winemaking knowledge. Just for atmosphere, make sure to either enter or exit through the cave entrance.

The Experience:  This was my second visit to EOS, although it was Firestone when I visited previously, and I can easily say that I enjoyed both experiences. The tasting room is lively, has an excellent view, and the servers at EOS are super friendly and knowledgeable. You have a choice of two tasting flights, the Featured for $5 and the Reserve for $10. And if you fork over another $3 you can keep the glass. There was a short wait, even though the room wasn’t very crowded, which was obviously due to the fact that the servers were taking their time with each group of guests. If you make reservations in advance, you can book a private tasting in the lovely barrel room, located on the lower level.

The Wines:  This is Paso, so you’re bound to taste some good wines, even among the more mediocre wineries. Take the EOS Estate Petit Sirah, for example. This wine stood out from the list and captured the essence of Paso Robles. Otherwise, I thought the whites were superior to the reds here. The Muscat is a fruity, aromatic wine that will complement a picnic on a hot day. Since the bottles are nicely priced, it’s worth it to take a chance on one or two of them.

Extras:  EOS has one major advantage where location is concerned, especially for those traveling with teenagers: there’s a water park across the street. During a summer visit to EOS, you are guaranteed to hear the sound of rushing water, laughter and screams as you sip your wine on the veranda. Also, one perk for being a wine club member is access to accommodations in the winery’s loft. There’s a cost, of course, but all wine purchases reduce the price.

Address & Contact Information: 2300 Airport Road Paso Robles, California 93446. Telephone: 800-249-9463, email:, website: Tasting Hours: 10:00-5:00.

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