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Waldensian Heritage Wines Review

Region: North Carolina

Reviewed: June 4, 2013 by Natasha Stiles
Published: June 14, 2013

Waldensian Heritage Winery is located minutes from downtown Valdese, North Carolina. However, when you depart the town center you might think you’re going in the wrong direction. Turning onto Villar Lane, the road on which the winery is located, is like entering a forest. A note to the wise, don’t use the directions on Waldensian Heritage’s website; they will direct you to a town kiosk. Instead, enter the address you’re your GPS, and it will take you directly to the winery. The winery facility itself looks like a rustic barn, but the land surrounding the structure, including the vineyard, is beautifully scenic. Also, the winery has a covered boccia court (lawn bowling) with plastic lawn chairs and wooden wine barrel tables for outdoor entertaining, or a possible picnic.

EXPERIENCE:   The Waldensian Heritage Winery is operated by volunteer workers only; there are no paid employees. The volunteers at Waldensian Heritage Winery love what they do and offer good service and a distinctive experience. The inside décor of the winery isn’t much; the winery is primarily filled with items that volunteers have collected over time. The lack of windows results in a very dark and somewhat dreary tasting room. The same wooden wine barrels found outdoors are located inside but accompanied by nicer chairs. The tasting bar is small and standing-only. If you are able to overlook these details you’ll enjoy yourself much more. The winery has a small gift section featuring their own house wine vinegars and other wine trinkets.

TASTING:   Waldensian Heritage’s wines have a unique Italian history, which I’m sure any of the baristas you find at the winery will be willing to share. The winery produces eight original wines, most of which are slightly sweet and chilled. The winery also produces two dry reds and a semi-dry white. If you prefer dry white wines, Waldensian Heritage is not the winery for you!

OVERALL/PRICING:   The Waldensian descendants, who voluntarily run the winery, make the winery an interesting place to visit. All the winery's wines are made inside the barn-like structure, and winery tours of the production area are provided at no charge. The winery provides complimentary tastings at the tasting bar. All the wines are awesomely priced at $8. Overall, the winery has a decent selection for the wine enthusiast who prefers dry or sweet, red wines and would be a good choice for those looking for a scenic day trip, original wine, and an interesting and profound story.

Address & Contact Information: 4940 Villar Ln. N.E. Valdese, North Carolina 28690. Telephone: 828-879-3202, email:, website: Tasting Hours: Thurs-Sun 1:00-6:00 and by appt..

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